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gen·tle·man (jntl-mn) n:


From the very beginning, our mission at Modern Male Barber Shop has been to bring back the lost art of barbering. But that’s only the beginning of our story.  The primary reason we’re in business is to create an atmosphere where men and their sons can experience the camaraderie that was present in the old time shops where our fathers and grandfathers got their hair cut.  Every day at the Modern Male Barber Shop, we strive to re-establish and reinforce the mutual trust and friendship among people that was found in the neighborhoods of an earlier generation. Modern Male Barber Shop is for the modern man but with the treasured values of the old America.

A haircut lasts two to three weeks. But when you teach a young man respect, that lasts a lifetime. When you teach a young man how to shake a hand, that lasts a lifetime.

Our staff strives to be role models for young men, and men of all ages. Not only do we teach men how to shave and how to stay groomed, we teach them about manners and etiquette. We take pride in teaching young men how to be gentlemen and how to groom for success.

You know that when you look good, you feel good. You’re ready for success.