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Gentlemen, when you shave you are literally scraping a layer of skin off your face and opening 
it up to irritating razor burns and swelling.
After you shave, put the moisture back into your face with our Cooling After Shave.

This refreshing aftershave is packed with natural and organic ingredients that stimulate cell 
renewal and promote rapid healing. The combination of aloe, vitamin B complex, folic acid, 
vitamin C and carotene moisturizes dry and dehydrated skin, leaving it soft and supple.

The antiseptic skin-healing components cleanse your pores, fight bacteria and regulate oil 
secretion. And the cool, soothing sensation and calming effect this product delivers reduces 
stress and wakes up your skin.

Customers are telling us they use this product to treat sunburn and to speed healing of small 
cuts and skin abrasions.
It smells good. It feels great. It's refreshing.
Once you start using this product, you’ll never go back to those overbearing, heavy scented, 
in-your-face aftershave products on the market today.

MAN UP, STAY SHARP with Modern Male Barber Shop’s Cooling After Shave!